Day-2, January 11, 2014, Saturday
Main Session
Introduction Session
7:30 AMEarly Morning Tea with “The Masters” – Interactive ECGs.Dr. Ajay Naik / Dr. Rahul Doshi / Dr. Vineet Sankhla / Dr. Maully Shah
8:15 AMNewer Algorithms and Advances in CRT TherapyDr. Rahul Doshi
8:30 AMVT: Substrate Determines Therapy and OutcomesDr. Ajay Naik
8:45 AMSVT: Intervention and OutcomesDr. Ajay Naik
9:00 AMCauses of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in YoungDr. Maully Shah
9:15 AMTrials of 2013 which changed my Clinical Practice: Part-IIDr. Milan Chag
9:35 AMDiscussion with Q & A 
9:45 AMTea Break 
9:55 AMResistant HypertensionDr. Dharam J. Kumbhani
10:07 AMPlenary Lecture – XII: CHF in 2013: Comprehensive Approach for Patient CareTBA
10:22 AMPlenary Lecture – XIII: Cardiovascular Epidemic in Developing World: Can we Combat?Dr. Jawahar Mehta
10:37 AMUnderstanding Lipids: Classroom to Clinic and Future…Dr. Milan Chag
10:49 AMDiabetic FootDr. Kaj Johansen
11:01 AMDuration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in PCIDr. Alan Yeung
11:13 AMClinical Case-1: 60 year old with severe HT, DM and CKD: My Choice, My Goals …Dr. Anish Chandarana
11:25 AMClinical Case-2: 45 year old Asymptomatic Woman with Significantly Positive Stress Thallium: Should We Treat? How?Dr. Keyur Parikh
11:37 AMClinical Case-3: 45 years old Asymptomatic Chronic Severe MRDr. Urmil Shah
11:49 AMIntroduction : Life Time Achievement Award & CIMSCON OrationDr. Keyur Parikh / Dr. Milan Chag
12:01 PMLifetime Achievement Award : Newer Developments in EchocardiographyDr. Navin Nanda
12:21 PMCIMSCON Oration: New Lipid Modifying Therapies for AtherosclerosisDr. P. K. Shah
12:41 PMLunch 
1:30 PMClinical Case-4: Asymptomatic Severe Aortic StenosisDr. Hemang Baxi
1:42 PMClinical Case-5: 45 yr Asymptomatic Male, no DM,HT,Angina, FH+, Stress and Sedentary Life+, C:190, LDL: 95, HDL: 32, TG: 180. How to Approach?Dr. Vineet Sankhla
1:54 PMClinical Case-6: Massive Pulmonary EmbolismDr. Satya Gupta
2:06 PMPlenary Lecture – XIV: Acute Aortic Dissection: What Physicians Should Know?Dr. Anil Bhan
Clinical case CD reviews:
2:20 PMCase-1 Stents, Stents everywhere and not a “stent” to see ! (52 yr male with critical lesions) – What to do ?Dr. Keyur Parikh
2:35 PMCase-2Dr. Milan Chag
2:50 PMCase-3Dr. Urmil Shah
3:05 PMCase-4Dr. Hemang Baxi
3:20 PMCase-5Dr. Anish Chandarana
3:35 PMCase-6Dr. Ajay Naik
3:50 PMCase-7Dr. Satya Gupta
4:05 PMCase-8Dr. Vineet Sankhla
4:20 PMCase-9Dr. Kashyap Sheth/Dr. Shaunak Shah
4:35 PMCase-10 : Left Main PCI: Not a Taboo, But Acceptable Treatment in 2014Dr. Raj Makkar
4:50 PMCase-11 : Percutaneous Interventions for Pulmonary Embolism and DVTDr. Dharam J. Kumbhani
5:05 PMManagement of Massive and Submassive Pulmonary EmbolismDr. Sanjiv Parikh
5:20 PMEmotional Intelligence Vs IQ : An Interactive Session for All 
5:50 PMConclusion 

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