Day-1, January 10, 2014, Friday
Main Session
Introduction Session
8:00 AM Introduction Dr. Keyur Parikh
8:15 AM Patients: ‘Difficult,’ ‘Tough’ or ‘Just Misunderstood?’ Dr. Keyur Parikh
8:35 AM What Test to Order and When in Cardiology? Dr. Keyur Parikh
8:50 AM Plenary Lecture – I: Use technology and Web 2.0 to stay “up to date” ! Dr. Neil Mehta
9:10 AM Trials of 2013 which Changed my Clinical Practice: Part-I Dr. Milan Chag
9:30 AM Discussion with Q & A  
9:40 AM Plenary Lecture – II: Newer Oral Anticoagulants-Use in Clinical Practice Dr. Samir Kapadia
9:55 AM Plenary Lecture – III: BMS, DES or BVS? Where are we now & What is the future? Dr. Alan Yeung
10:10 AM FFR: Why is it Worth Spending Extra Cost? Dr. Urmil Shah
10:25 AM Can we Detect Vulnerable Plaque? Newer Imaging Techniques Dr. Vineet Sankhla
10:40 AM CACS and CT angiography: Can we Rationalize its Use? Dr. Satya Gupta
10:55 AM Discussion with Q & A  
11:10 AM DM and CAD- A Volcano! (Isssues, Challenges and Management) Dr. Anish Chandarana
11:22 AM Newer Biomarkers in Cardiology: Worth Spending Extra? Dr. Hemang Baxi
11:34 AM How shall I Manage Multivessel CAD? (Focus on Functional Syntax Score) Dr. Milan Chag
11:46 AM Plenary Lecture – IV: Atherosclerosis: Regression…,Prevention…, Abolition… Can we Turn Back the Clock in Future? Dr. Alan Yeung
12:01 PM Plenary Lecture – V: Role of Imaging for Detection of Subclinical Atherosclerosis Dr. P.K. Shah
12:16 PM Plenary Lecture – VI: Role of Intensive Lipid Lowering Therapy Post-PCI for ACS Dr. Subhash Banerjee
12:31 PM Hype or Hope?: Renal Denervation hits the headlines Dr. Urmil Shah
12:43 PM Discussion with Q & A  
1:00 PM LUNCH  
1:30 PM Cryptogenic Stroke: Did you Look for PFO? Dr. Satya Gupta
1:40 PM Acute Ischemic Stroke: An Update Dr. Anish Chandarana
1:50 PM Pulmonary Hypertension: Newer Therapies Dr. Hemang Baxi
2:00 PM Plenary Lecture – VII: CABG vs. PCI: What Does Evidence Support? Dr. Raj Makkar
2:15 PM Peripheral Arterial Disease : A missed Opportunity for CV Intervention Dr. Subhash Banerjee
2:30 PM Discussion with Q & A  
2:40 PM Plenary Lecture – VIII: Carotid Artery Stenting: Class I Indication in Suitable Cases … Dr. Ashit Jain
2:55 PM Plenary Lecture – IX: Percutaneous Valve Therapies: A Future for All? Dr. Samir Kapadia
3:10 PM Plenary Lecture – X: Left Main and Triple Vessel Disease – PCI or Bypass Surgery – Best Way to Go ! Dr. Samin Sharma
3:25 PM Tea Break  
3:35 PM Home Monitoring of Arrhythmias and HF via Devices Dr. Ajay Naik
3:45 PM How I Treat AF in Current Era Dr. Rahul Doshi
4:00 PM Discussion with Q & A  
4:10 PM Which Valve will I choose for My Dear-One? Mechanical for All! Dr. Dhiren Shah/Dr. Dhaval Naik
4:20 PM Bioprosthesis for All! Dr. Dhiren Shah/Dr. Dhaval Naik
4:30 PM Rebuttal and Conclusion  
4:40 PM ARBs are Safer and Useful Dr. Anish Chandarana
4:50 PM No, There is Hardly Any Role in Cardiology! Dr. Vineet Sankhla
5:00 PM Rebuttal and Conclusion  
5:10 PM Acute Aortic Dissection: An Update Dr. Dhiren Shah/Dr. Dhaval Naik
5:22 PM Plenary Lecture – XI: Aortic Valve Repair is It Possible and Its Long Term Results Dr. Meong Gun Song

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