CERTIFICATION COURSE : Day-3, January 12, 2014, Sunday
Internal Medicine / Clinical Cardiology
CC / Life & Humor
8:30 AMHow to Develop and Enhance Web Identity 
8:45 AMHow to Tablets to Enhance Patient Care 
9:00 AMPills & the Air Passages 
9:15 AMThe Aging Physician -impact on patient careDr. Kaj Johansen
9:30 AMDiscussion with Q & A 
CC / Neurology ‘ Acute Ischemic Stoke’
9:40 AMIn this Era of Science and Evidences where is the Position of ART and HEART of Physician? 
9:55 AMManagement learnt ‘medically’Dr. Dhiren Joshi
10:10 AMEzetimibe rediscovered ! Or Fallen by Wayside / Why is HDL Such a Tough Nut to Crack ?Dr. P.K. Shah
10:25 AMX-Ray Chest – Revisited 
10:40 AMBurn Out Syndrome A New Lifestyle Disorder ! 
10:55 AMTBADr. Raj Makkar
11:10 AMDiscussion with Q & A 
CC / Neurology ‘ Acute Ischemic Stoke’
11:20 AMRole of Primary Physician 
11:35 AMArrhythmias Requiring InterventionDr. Ajay Naik
11:50 AMTreating HBP in AIS 
12:05 PMPractical use of Supplemental OxygenDr. James Stoller
12:20 PMRational Medical Diagnosis & TherapyDr. P. K. Oza
12:35 PMDiscussion with Q & A 
12:45 PMLUNCH 
CC / Diabetes Mellitus
 Treating Diabetes in AIS 
1:30 PMPlace of Neurosurgery in AIS 
1:45 PMECG Changes in Heart Failure: Bench to BedsideDr. Vineet Sankhla
2:00 PMChronic Renal Insufficiency and ACSDr. Dharam J. Kumbhani
2:15 PMAntiplatelets and statins and neuroprotectants in AIS 
2:30 PMA Case based Standard Prescription of T2DM 
2:45 PMDiscussion with Q & A 
CC / Diabetes Mellitus
2:55 PMRole of Interventional RadiologyDr. Sanjiv Parikh
3:10 PMWhich Patients Benefit most from Gliptins? 
3:25 PMCardiac stem Cell Therapy: Fact or Fiction? 
3:40 PMExercise, Fitness, Mind and Body…Dr. Anish Chandarana
3:55 PMReal Humour in Clinical PracticeDr. Sunil Mehta
4:10 PMDiscussion with Q & A 
4:20 PMWhat Should A Physician Do and Not Do in Early CKD Patients 
4:35 PMNew Approach for Erectile Dysfunction 
4:50 PMBenefits of Bariatric Surgery : Not from Weight Loss 
5:05 PMCase based ABG Report Interpretation 
5:20 PMHCTZ vs Chlorthalidone The Fight is Over? 
5:35 PMDiscussion with Q & A 
Other Topics
5:45 PMWar of tug between ARB and ACEIs 
5:00 PMBasics of Radiodiagnosis a Physician Should Know 
5:15 PMWhich Diuretic and When in CHF and CKD? 
5:30 PMClues derived from simple CBC report in case of Fever ! 
5:45 PM Dr. Jyotin Shah
6:00 PMDiscussion with Q & A 

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