CERTIFICATION COURSE : Day-3, January 12, 2014, Sunday
Cardiac Surgery
8:20 AM Echo Cardiography Assessment of Aortic Root TBA
8:30 AM Starting a Aortic Repair Programme Dr. Meong Gun Song
8:50 AM Principles of Aortic Valve Repair and its Results Dr. Meong Gun Song
9:10 AM Bicuspid Aortic Valve Syndrome – What Should We Do? Dr. Rajesh Desai/
Dr. Matthew Bayfield
9:30 AM When is it too Late for Aortic Valve Surgery ? Dr. Dhiren Shah
9:50 AM Debate : Aortic Root Enlargement is it Necessary
Pro : Dr. Matthew Bayfield, Against : Dr. V V Bashi
10:40 AM Aortic Surgery Update Dr. Anil Bhan
11:00 AM Aortic Root Replacement : Safe Gaurds and Pitfalls Dr. V. V. Bashi
11:20 AM Surgery of Acute Type A Dissection : How I do it Dr. Anil Bhan
11:40 AM Sealants, Glues, Adhesives: Which to Use When ? Dr. Tushar Shah
12:00 PM Redo Aortic Root Surgery Dr. V. V. Bashi
12:20 PM Axillary or Femoral Route in Type A Dissection Dr. Shaunak Shah
1:00 PM Lunch  
2:00 PM Aortic root IE : Treatment Options  
2:20 PM Thoraco Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm : Is Surgery Still the Gold Standard Dr. M. Unnikrishnan
2:40 PM TAVI Update Dr. Samir Kapadia
3:00 PM MEET THE EXPERTS AND PANEL DISCUSSION ON AORTIC SURGERY Panelist : Dr. M Song / Dr. V V Bashi / Dr. Anil Bhan / Dr. Matthew Bayfield / Dr. M. Unnikrishnan

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