From The Desk of Organizing Committee

Dear Friends,

“I make no difference between work and yoga.

Work itself is yoga, if it is done in a spirit of dedication and surrender” – The Mother

Hope you are in good health and spirit.

At the outset I would like to thank you for your immense support and active participation in JIC every
year. With each passing year, JIC has been strongly identified as a great scientific learning experience.
It’s a matter of great satisfaction and pride that JIC could safely and successfully continue during past
three years (2020, 21 and 22) in spite of all major odds imposed by the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.

We are glad to announce that our annual 19th International Conference JIC-2023, a physical (in-
auditorium) conference is scheduled during January 6-8, 2023 ( Though the COVID -19
pandemic has taken a milder form, we will be closely looking at the disease pattern and government
guidelines to create a safe ambience for all stake holders.

JIC-2023 has an exhaustive and comprehensive scientific agenda with a strong list of eminent speakers
from all over the globe.

JIC-2023 is held in Ahmedabad, one of the fastest growing cities of India. Located on the banks of river
Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is richly endowed with architectural marvels of Hindu, Islamic and Jain Heritage.

We look forward to meeting you at JIC-2023.

Dr. Keyur Parikh
Chairman – Emeritus

Dr. Anish Chandarana
Conference Chairman

Dr. Milan Chag
Chairman-Emeritus, Scientific Committee

Dr. Tejas V. Patel
Chairman, Scientific Committee