Message From JIC 2018

Dear all,

We are proud to announce JIC2018.

All attendees can look forward to a world-class Scientific Case-Based Program designed to educate    about leading trends and continuing innovations in the field of medicine and surgery.

For the first time at JIC, we have a special Symposium on ‘Stroke Update’ setting new standards in diversified field of education. Case-based Sessions are the best way to translate an enormous influx of theory each day into your practices. This Year, JIC2018 has some of the highest Case-based practical lectures ever in JIC as well in Indian history of Conferences. Case-based Sessions are the most effective way to promote an effective learning environment where in attendees can learn from the real case-based scenarios and improve their learning and knowledge

Our Entire program this year is planned yo be more interactive and communicative making it extremely engaging. All the sessions will have an online quiz with prizes exciting offers.

So all delegates who register can download the “Google Classroom” APP on their phone for being a partner in the exciting interactive quizzed planned. For registered delegates, who need help in this area, please contact +918469844222.

All our Speakers are renowned clinicians in their like YOU. Understanding your needs, and giving you exactly what you want. We look forward to meeting you at JIC interacting with you on a personal basis.

Sincerely yours,


      Dr. Keyur Parikh                                      Dr. Milan Chag                                  Dr. Satya Gupta

Organizing Chairman- jic-2018     Scientific Committee Chairman- JIC-2018     Organizing Secretary-JIC-2018

Chairman – CIMS Hospital             Managing Director – CIMS Hospital                Director-CIMS Hospital